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Indian Market 2008

Montecristi Style
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We believe this collection is made from the finest fur felt material available in the world. We have spent three years sampling and acquiring this material. With the exception of the 1000X, which is beaver and mink, all the hats are pure beaver. There are two types of material. One is dress weight, which is thinner, lighter and more supple. The other is western weight, which is thicker and more rigid. I suggest one of each! Hats can be ordered in different colors, wider or narrower brims and with different bands.

1000X Trailboss
This 1000x material is a blend of the most select beaver and mink furs. Shown in a 3 1/2" brim, low crown Trailboss crease, price on request. This style has been very popular in all our fine fur selections from $550. A 14k gold Navajo Storyteller hatband, price on request, emphasizes the luxurious nature of this fur felt.


3 Point Dress
One of our signature creases shown in 100X DW Buckskin. 4 1/4" crown, 3 1/4" brim. $1000. Finished with a tooled leather band inset with coral (or turquoise or silver), in brown or black and terminated with a three piece sterling buckle set for $275.


A simple sophisticated look in a 100X DW Pure Chocolate. 4" crown and 2 7/8" brim, $800. Finished with a 1/2 round beautifully braided kangaroo band with barrel knots, tassels and the designer's sterling signature piece for $375.


A cosmopolitan look with an uprise in the center of the crease for those of you with tall crowns to you head. Our rich Classic Black is in 100X DW, 4" crown and 2 3/4" crown, $800. Finished with a 16"' matching grosgrain, included.


Narrow Teardrop
Classic teardrop, somewhat narrowed for slender faces in 100X DW Silver Belly, $1000. With 4 1/4" crown and 3 1/4" brim. Finished with a 16"' matching grosgrain and a Synde hand cut feather at approximately $75.


An all-time favorite. Low crown, wide brim with pencil curl. Shown in 100X western weight Deep Chocolate. 4 1/4" crown with 4" pencil curled brim, $1250. Finished with 14kt concho and three piece buckle set on alligator, $2900.


A low crown "Gus" style with a bound edge and pencil curl on both sides. This hat is a 100% beaver in Silver Belly, $1075. (This material is 100%, not 100X quality, but somehow snuck into the foto shot.) Low crown and 3 1/2" brim. Finished with a lazy stitch beaded hatband on deerskin, $187.50.


Low Cattleman
A low crown western style in a 100X Crystal color, cutter roll on 4" brim, $1700. The Los Estradas hat band is one of a kind in finely matched heishi of turquoise, coral, lapiz, shell, and 18kt ferrules washed in 22kt gold and features a streaking zia on the side. Bound in the most finely braided kangaroo you will ever see, $4500.


This is our full crown RCA in 100X western weight, Silver Belly color with 4 1/2" crown and 3 5/8" brim, $1500. A special Navajo band of bumper to bumper turquoise with buckle on sterling silver finishes the hat, $500.


This is a low frame western style, 4 1/4" crown and a 3 1/2" penciled curl brim, in 100X Silver Belly, western weight, $1250. Finished with another one of a kind heishi band in turquoise, coral, lapiz and gold beads encased in finely braided kangaroo leather, $1100.


You must know your head size to order. If you wear manufactured hats we would like to be informed of the size and brand that you normally buy. In addition, when you place your order, we will express to you a paper measuring tape with instructions for determining a more exact fit. All purchases are backed by our unconditional guarantee. If we are unable to please you, your money, minus shipping charges will be cheerfully refunded.

Montecristi Hats
322 McKenzie Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
505.983.9598 - hats@montecristihats.com
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